6 Things to Know About Work Process Of Pet Blow Moulding Machine

Work Process Of Pet Blow Moulding Machine

Acuapuro Water Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. is offering a Standard & high-quality “Pet Blow Moulding Machine” in Ahmedabad, India. 

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6 Things to Know About Work Process Of Pet Blow Moulding Machine

Containers: PET containers, such as beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles, edible oil bottles, pesticide bottles, milk and juice bottles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and the like, are made with a PET Blow Moulding Machine.

Heat Treatment: Preferential heat treatment is available on these fully Blow Molding Machines.

Capacity: A PET Blow Muolding machine can make a range of bottles and containers with a capacity of up to 6000ml. This machine’s operational efficiency normally varies from 1500 to 4500 BPH.

Inner Parts: In the Pet Bottle Blowing cavity, an entire assembly with a standard downward extrusion is placed until it reaches the appropriate length. As the tube closes, the neck end catches and holds, while the bottom end pinches shut.

Cavity Protection: blow-pin is inserted into the neck end of the hot parison, inflating it to the form of the mould cavity using compressed air. At the same time, the threaded opening is created.

Efficiency: When the mould has cooled sufficiently, it will open, ejecting the finished bottle as well as any excess plastic that was trimmed from the neck and bottom pieces.

Types of Pet Blow Moulding Machine:

Acuapuro is regarded as one of the best manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of this excellent assortment of products.

  1. Fully Auto Blow Mounding Machines
  2. Automatic Blow Mounding Machines
  3. Semi-Auto Blow Mounding Machines

We have an in-house manufacturing facility for all water treatment plants & mineral water plants & machinery; call +91-9737344555 or email info@acuapuro.com for more information. 

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