Sleeve Labeling Machine Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Sleeve Labeling Machines & Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator Manufacturer

Acuapuro Water Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing, Supplying & exporting high-quality & affordable “Sleeve Labeling Machine ( श्रिंक स्लीव लेबल मशीन)”, “Bottle Sleeve Labelling Machine” “Shrink Sleeve Label Applicatorsin Ahmedabad, India.

We are also manufacturing Sticker Labeling Machines &  BOPP Labeling Machines

Sleeve Bottle Labeling Machine - Acuapuro Water

Specifications of Sleeve Labeling Machines

  • Labeling Speed: 24/30/40 up to 300 BPM depending on the cut length of the sleeve Rotary cutting system
  • Can handle round glass / plastic bottles
  • Speed of 40 bottles to 600 bottles/min..
  • Servo motors for more accuracy.
  • Fitted with digital PLC control & Touch screen
  • Height adjustments to suit height variant bottles
  • Eye mark sensor for accurate cutting in printed sleeves
  • VFD used to increase or decrease the speed wherever necessary.
  • Can easily be synchronized with a tunnel

Why Choose Us

Energy Efficiency

High Performance

Low maintenance

Easy and Affortable

We have an in-house manufacturing facility for almost all Machinery and contact us on +91-9737344555 or mail us at Acuapuro Water will provide the Turnkey Solution for the Packaged Drinking Water Plant.

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